Blog - Domovea - Automated house system

In order to provide our clients with even more comfort and ease of mind we decided to equip every house and apartment with Domovea from branded German company Hager. With this system, even in its basic form you can control electricity, water, sensors for lights, shutters, air conditioning via your home computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet or dedicated touch panel, even when you are not inside of your home by simply connecting to internet.

Every system can be expended even further, allowing almost endless possibilities, like control of every appliance individually, every electricity outlet, every faucet, alarm system, and a lot more.

Simple and functional Domovea also provide a huge boost in energy efficiency. For example when user activates a holiday mode where the security system is alarmed, all of the heating is turned down to frost protection, and lights and blinds are programmed to open and close in response to timers and/or daylight levels via photoelectric cells so if you have plants inside of your house they will get suficiant light.