In order to provide our clients with even more comfort and ease of mind we decided to equip every house and apartment with Domovea from branded G (...)

Almost sold superstar (...)

Presenting Villa B (...)

Presenting Villa A (...)

The combination of great architecture and classy interior design makes a house go on the top wanted list and if it also has a superb view you com (...)

We are building our villas with high quality materials. In this article we are talking about parqut floors that you will love, for sure. We decid (...)

Here are some top facts You should know about Poljine HIlls: (...)

Guided by the idea to keep natural environment as much as possible, we are always trying to install natural materials, to choose innovative solut (...)

Instead of long explanations, sometimes it is much better to just say a name. Of course, the name should be covered by tradition, proven quality, (...)

We can hardly wait to watch snowing outside, because house built out of Ytong system of building means excellent insulation and comfort inside, w (...)

Instead of concrete plants. Grass. Roses? Any plant that can grow outside and You would like to be Your garden wall, we are making it. Other the (...)

Quality, technology, design and sustainability. Four brand values that illustrate grohe commitment to creating exceptional experiences. They set (...)

Location of our project Poljine Hills brings us by itself unique opportunity to build without destroying pure nature surrounding. In the middle o (...)

The best air in Sarajevo is At Poljine area. There is even ex lungs spa building nearby, because of the quality and freshness of the air. This is (...)

Experts from Komerlling installed windows into the house. Those are top quality, looking nice and professionally installed. (...)